Why Sign Up?

In February and March 2022, 29 (90.6%) of the 32 paediatric registrars in New Zealand who participated in the Thursday afternoon FRACP Weekly Teaching Programme and the Intensive Two-Week Course passed the written examination.

This fantastic result continues the excellent track record since this programme has established. The results for 2010-2022 are shown in graph form below:


Exam pass rate to 2022

Our Weekly Teaching Programme is aimed to help you study and cover the curriculum over the year. As well as the topic presentations for 30 weeks, the monthly practice MCQs are really important as part of that process too. Our own question writers develop and update all the questions for these practice MCQs every year. At the end of each practice MCQ, we provide detailed feedback and explanations.

Our Intensive Two-Week Course is aimed to cram and revise as much as possible in the two weeks. Last year, due to the circumstances, we offered this course in-person to NZ-based trainees and online to Australian-based trainees for the first time. As a result, we didn’t have to restrict participants, and more Australian-based trainees could benefit from the course.

The two courses are supposed to be complementary.

For more information about each course, please see the course flyer under Course Info.