Intensive Two-Week Course Information (AUS)

Intensive Two-Week Course 2022 (formerly known as the Residential Course) is running from Sunday 20 November through to Friday 2 December this year.

For our Australian colleagues, please send your expression of interest to including your full name and contact details to receive more information when it becomes available in June 2022.

Both in-person* and online options are available this year. Both options offer live streaming of the lectures via Zoom and access to lecture recordings and slides on the teaching website. You will have access to the website until the Divisional Clinical Exam in 2023.

* limited places for in-person option and depending on the border restrictions  


The topics that will be covered during the course (10 and half days): 

- Genetics

- Infectious Disease

- Pharmacology

- General Paediatrics

- Neonatology

- Endocrinology

- Oncology

- Haematology

- Immunology

- Cardiology

- Statistics

- Syndromes

- Respiratory

- Renal

- Gastroenterology

- Psychiatry

- Metabolic Medicine

- Neurology

- Dermatology

- Rheumatology

- Emergency Medicine

- Radiology

- Pharmacology

- Surgery


- Ophthalmology 

- Developmental 

- Palliative Care

- Rehab

- Youth Health

- Exam Tips

- MCQ Practice Exam

* as at 5 April

Please click here to see the course timetable from last year (2021).

Please note that we are offering a package deal this year for those signing up for both Weekly Teaching Programme and Intensive Two Week Course. Please get in touch with the programme coordinator if you are interested in this option.


Contact information

Arum Jung

FRACP Training Programme Coordinator

Department of Paediatrics: Child and Youth Health

The University of Auckland

Private Bag 92019

Auckland 1142

New Zealand



Skype for Chats: